Meet Ricky Gervais

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Meet Ricky Gervais

A Meet Ricky Gervais title card.
Genre Comedy chat and sketch show
Running time 24 mins.
Creator(s) Ricky Gervais
Writer(s) Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, Jimmy Carr, Robin Ince
Starring Ricky Gervais, Tony Green
Country UK
Network Channel 4
Original runs 22 September 2000 – 27 October 2000
No. of episodes 6
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Meet Ricky Gervais was a chat show written and hosted by the comedy writer and performer, Ricky Gervais. It was produced by Talkback for Channel 4 in 2000 (repeated 2003) after the first UK edition of Big Brother and only ran for one series on Friday nights.

This show aired throughout the time Ricky Gervais was also writing the first series of the highly successful, The Office for BBC2.


The show was predominantly a chat show hosted by Ricky Gervais with elements of stand-up, sketches and game shows also present. Ricky would interview two guests each week, 'supposedly' in the original TV studio chairs of famous people. Gervais was seated in Michael Aspel's Aspel & Co leather chair and guests seated in Ronnie Corbett's monologue chair, and Grandad from Only Fools and Horses' armchair.

The show also featured Darts assistant, Tony Green who would take his place as the general stooge and gameshow assistant. On the first episode, Gervais claimed that Tony came free with the original Bullseye dartboard, which he supposedly found himself whilst building the rest of the set. Tony Green played the role of the comic foil and a gay love interest for Ricky in sketches.

The show didn't have a theme tune so at the end of each show, Gervais asked viewers to record and send in their own mixes. Two of the episodes used a theme tune co-written and performed by Stewart Ferris.

Cast and Guests

Ricky Gervais hosts Meet Ricky Gervais



Supporting Cast


The first and only series of Meet Ricky Gervais was first broadcast in the UK between 22 September 2000 and 27 October 2000. The series ran for six episodes.

Title Series Original Airdate Watch #
Episode 1 Series 1 22 September 2000 (Channel 4) 4oD 1
Ricky interviews Sir Jimmy Savile and Tommy Walsh, reveals a dead cert at the bookies and busts the myth about sexy nurses.
Episode 2 Series 1 29 September 2000 (Channel 4) 4oD 2
John Virgo and Michael Winner play 'Family 4tunes' with Ricky. 'We asked 100 people what they would steal from an old lady...'
Episode 3 Series 1 6 October 2000 (Channel 4) 4oD 3
Penny Smith and Tony Hart play their cards right with Ricky and his new glamorous assistant.
Episode 4 Series 1 13 October 2000 (Channel 4) 4oD 4
Ricky welcomes guests Paul Daniels and Wayne Hemingway. And then invites the Masked Magician to expose one of Daniels' greatest tricks.
Episode 5 Series 1 20 October 2000 (Channel 4) 4oD 5
Peter Purves and Stephanie Powers join Ricky for banter, with Stephen Merchant providing a no-nonsense warm-up act.
Episode 6 Series 1 27 October 2000 (Channel 4) 4oD 6
Ricky catches up with Antony Worrall Thompson and Midge Ure to discuss placenta paté, and makes a few uncharitable observations about charity.


The show originally aired on Channel 4 in late 2000. It was later reran in 2003. It is available to watch for free on Channel 4's on demand service; 4oD. The show is now being repeated on the freeview channel 4music. No DVD release is available and likely will never be.


In October 2000, Ricky did a live webchat for Channel 4 where he discussed the show, when asked if he would be getting a second series he replied with "Course I'll be getting another series! What else have Channel 4 got??!! They're lucky to have me! The producers try and hug me at every moment."<ref>Template:Cite web</ref>

At a later date, Ricky Gervais himself admitted that he thought the show was an embarrassment and that he wasn't a great host. In 2002, he said "It was a mistake to use my own name, I thought people would understand that I was playing a character. I should have called myself Billy Bigot. Some people really did seem to think that I thought famine was a good thing, and so on." <ref>Template:Cite web</ref>

The show was discussed on an XFM show, where both Ricky and Stephen dismissed the show, Ricky's quality as a chat show host and mocked the fact that no-one watched it. Steve claims that even though he had worked on it he still didn't watch it. Stephen also asked if it was coming back to which Ricky replied "not in that form, they, Channel 4 wanted to see some changes" when asked what changes Channel 4 wished to see Ricky replied "Ratings". Karl Pilkington, on the other hand, claimed he "loved it" before he had even met Ricky.<ref>Template:Cite web</ref>

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