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Nick Frost (born 28 March 1972) is an English actor and comedian most famous for his work with Simon Pegg.

Born in Essex, Frost worked as a waiter and had a number of low key acting jobs such as 'Chris Carter and The Coverplan Challenge', a Dixon's group sales video, before gaining fame as Tim's Territorial Army obsessed best friend Mike in the groundbreaking British comedy Spaced, which was written by Pegg and Jessica Stevenson and aired on Channel 4 for two series.

Karl Pilkington became friends with Simon and Nick when he went to Edinburgh with Ricky and Steve, as related in the 24 August 2002 Xfm show. Ricky said Karl loved them because they believe in ghosts. They apparently are also the source of one of Karl's confused stories about beheading.

Nick Frost also does a brilliant impression of the gorilla/ape from 'Every Which Way But Loose' called Clyde (as in Shaun of the Dead), which Karl would no doubt approve of.

During an episode of Flipside, Karl called upon Nick to settle a question regarding the telekinetic ability of a baby in a hotel in Liverpool.