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No Skillz is a comedy series pilot created by Kayak Productions. It stars Stephen Merchant as a regional radio sports commentator. Appearances are also made by Rufus Wright, and Dan Warren from The Steve Show.

In 2007 Kayak Productions, the production company behind No Skillz, went on to produce Christie, a twelve part web comedy series featuring many of the No Skillz cast including posh Rufus Wright from The Steve Show.


Christie is one of life’s dreamers. Having lost his job, his clothes, his girlfriend and all of his dignity he decides to turn his life around. With the help of his small band of rather odd friends he starts a five aside football team called “No Skillz” and enters them into the local Power League. Christie’s attempt to win back his girlfriend Ruby backfires when No Skillz are humiliated on the pitch and Ruby takes a fancy to one of the opposing players. But all is not lost for Christie as Nicola, the attractive Power League receptionist, is charmed by his naïve enthusiasm.


  • Alec Christie (The Office christmas special, Last Chancers, Meet Ricky Gervais, A Kind of Living)
  • Rufus Wright (Spy Game, Bomber)
  • Bob Cryer (Highlander, Jake 2.0, The Getaway VG)
  • Karen Taylor (Touch Me I'm Karen Taylor, The Sketch Show, Paul & Pauline Calf’s Cheese & Ham Sandwich)
  • Anthony MacMurray (The Office series 2, Last Chancers)
  • Nicola Cotter (The Office series 1)
  • Stephen Merchant (The Office, Extras)
  • Dan Warren (BBC Sport)
  • Toby Mace ( The marmite advert know, the really funny one where the guy kisses the girl who's been eating a marmite bagel and nearly pukes)
  • Andrew Turner (Hairless, Dalziel and Pascoe)
  • Andrew Christie (Funny Bones)
  • Sam Chapman and Keiron Crook (Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat...they sing and they dance)

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