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That’s Rickydiculous was a short-lived feature on the Xfm shows in early 2003, as a counter to Educating Ricky. Ricky and Steve would come up with three facts, one of which was false, and Karl had to guess which it was. He was surprisingly good at this, despite some debate on the validity of Ricky's "true" facts.


04 January 2003

  • There are more moves in a game of chess than there are particles in the universe.
  • You can't get any colder than liquid nitrogen.
  • The Honey Badger has got skin so loose, that if you grabbed it by the neck it could come away from its skin, turn around, and bite you out of its anus.

11 January 2003

  • Girls can't throw because the part of their brain that allow men to throw properly in a girl is used up in emotion.
  • Gravity isn't instantaneous. It works at the speed of light.
  • Statistically you're more likely to be trampled by a donkey than die in a plane crash.

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