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The first Karl Pilkington forum

Pilkipedia is an online encyclopaedia and community based around the world of Karl Pilkington (and Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant).

The Beginning

Pilkipedia began way back in December 2005. Of course, back then it wasn't called "Pilkipedia", it was just a basic Karl Pilkington fansite and forum, both hosted on free hosting sites. At the time it was the only Karl Pilkington forum around. Yep, it was a crazy time in the world of Karl Pilkington. Like bird-flu, the first series of the podcasts was spreading across the world and the incredulous thoughts of The K Man were causing infectious laughter.

When the first free series of the podcast ended and Guinness awarded it with a world record, Ricky, Steve and Karl decided to charge for the next series. And so, just two weeks after the end of series 1 and with dollar signs in their eyes, the second series went on sale via iTunes and Audible. Such was Karl's charisma, the people didn't mind paying, and as their fanbase grew and so did the Karl Pilkington forums.

The Encyclopaedia

In April 2006, as the second series ended, it became obvious to one and all that the wisdom of Karl Pilkington must be collected; collected for history, for prosperity, for laughs. We quickly realised the depths of this man's knowledge would not fit within a normal website, we needed an encyclopaedia to house such wisdom. And so Pilkipedia was born.

Ricky's Favourite Website

As time went by, Pilkipedia grew. Entries were entered, transcripts were transcribed, radio shows were uploaded for all to hear witness to Pilkington's profundity. In August 2006, on the eve of the third series of podcasts, an interview with Ricky Gervais was published in The Guardian. In this interview, Pilkipedia was attributed as Ricky's favourite website...

"Even the mention of Karl's name starts Ricky Gervais giggling. At one point he breaks from the interview to consult his favourite website, Pilkipedia - an online encyclopaedia dedicated to his friend - and begins reading out, between fits of high pitched laughter, facts and quotes about his mate such as "He learned at school that Jaffa Cakes go some way to curing cancer." And "Jellyfish are 97% water. We should give them another 3% and make them water. It angers me."
- 'The Pod Couple' the Guardian, Saturday 19th August 2006.


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