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After a very successful first run of podcasts there was sure to be another series. But this time around something very different happened: listeners had to pay to download them. The series was available through iTunes and audible.com. Some doubted that people would pay for what they could previously get for free, but this was another amazing chart topper!

List of Episodes

Title Release Date Length
Series 2 Episode 1 27 Feb 2006 31:13
A new and improved show has begun where listeners pay a quid to hear drivel. Karl has difficulty understanding time travel and imagines what he would do with his doppelganger. Although Monkey News was retired, Karl's Diary as well as the popular feature Rockbusters replace it.
Series 2 Episode 2 7 Mar 2006 29:39
Ricky reports that Karl is well received in America, but people continue to demand more Monkey News. Steve shares his infamous Rio anecdote and reads another installment of Karl's Diary. Karl continues his campaign to rid the world of jellyfish and gives out more Rockbuster clues.
Series 2 Episode 3 14 Mar 2006 33:54
A fan criticises Ricky, Steve, and Karl via email for not swearing enough. Ricky's embarrassed himself by messing up the heaven and hell conundrum in the first episode. Karl puts forward some truly ludicrous theories about fingers used as knobs and throat cancer that eats meat. Ricky swears that this is the end of Rockbusters.
Series 2 Episode 4 21 Mar 2006 34:04
Ricky and Steve are criticized by the listeners for the way they bully Karl. Ricky annoys Karl with some animal facts and Steve tells an anecdote about his luck with the ladies. Rockbusters is back again, but Ricky and Steve are fairly certain that Karl has no idea what the word cryptic means.
Series 2 Episode 5 28 Mar 2006 31:24
Karl was supposed to learn about Sigmund Freud in the week but he gave up when he couldn't find any good quotes. Karl talks about another Pilkington pet, Harry the Housefly, and Steve reads about Karl's trip to Cotswolds with Suzanne for her birthday from his diary. Clues for the final Rockbusters ever are given out.
Series 2 Episode 6 4 Apr 2006 31:15
In this final episode, Steve asks Karl questions from Inside the Actor's Studio, Ricky lets out a string of obscenities, and Karl wonders if he is in control of his brain or if his brain controls him. Karl also gets annoyed at a killer octopus that spits venom. Finally, the answers and winner of Rockbusters are given out for the last time.

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