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Ricky and Steve have returned to podcasting after being away for several months filming the new series of Extras. Along with Karl Pilkington, who has spent the time off mainly watching insects, they have returned to record series three of The Ricky Gervais Show. The series is available now through iTunes and audible.com.

List of Episodes

Title Release Date Length
Series 3 Episode 1 22 Aug 2006 27:58
The boys have returned for their third series of podcasts after a few months off. In the break Ricky and Steve filmed series 2 of Extras and Karl wandered about London watching insects and writing poems. Topics of this episode include bees having heart attacks and cavemen wearing hair gel.
Series 3 Episode 2 29 Aug 2006 34:11
Karl has been in the hospital during the week with kidney stones. They put a tube up his knob and he has to go back again to finish the procedure. More entries from Karl's diary are read and Karl has written another poem about a particularly emotional day for him.
Series 3 Episode 3 5 Sep 2006 30:16
It's been a boring week for Karl due to his kidney stones. But all the free time has given him a chance to look things up on the internet to get him thinking. He was also able to write 3 new poems during the week about jellyfish and kidney stones.
Series 3 Episode 4 12 Sep 2006 32:10
Things get a bit heated between Ricky, Steve, and Karl. Ricky and Steve have had enough of Karl's constant moaning about his kidney stones. Steve's parents have found some criticism for Karl's television appearance and Steve tries to set the record straight about his dancing ability.
Series 3 Episode 5 19 Sep 2006 33:50
Karl has some ideas on how he can improve the human body, he also talks about monkey toll collectors, slugs, and a man whose skull fell off. Steve went out to a club during the week where his celebrity status failed to get him in yet still got him recognized by others that did get in the club.
Series 3 Episode 6 26 Sep 2006 36:56
The final episode of the series features Karl's take on philosophy and freaks, as well as more stories about Karl's experiences in the hospital with kidney stones. The show ends with Ricky and Steve saying they plan to take a break from podcasts and audiobooks. There is also a bonus monkey news about monkeys making fruit drinks.

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