Colin Makin

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Colin Makin was one of Karl's mates who he used to hang around with at school. He started up Pilkie's Makin Music with Colin, the name derived from their two surnames. In the Xfm shows (specifically 08 December 2001), Karl is much more proud of his mobile DJ name than Stephen Merchant who named his "The Rock and Roll DJs" before changing it to "The Fantasy Island Roadshow". Colin was also mentioned on the 09 March 2002 episode when Karl said he was dead brainy as a kid, but didn't think he was up to much now. However to the contrary Colin, after studying at the University of Hertfordshire, he stayed local to Herts and carved himself a very successful career in recruitment, after working his way up to director of a company specialising in high-technology recruitment, he launched his own firm in 2003, specialising in search and selection of senior sales executives in the UK and US.