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Frequently Asked Questions. This page is regularly updated. If your question isn't answered here, please search the rest of the Pilkipedia or post in the forum:

Karl Pilkington

Q: Is Karl Pilkington a real person?/Is Karl an actor?
A: Karl is 100% real. He's an eccentric little fella from Manchester who left school at 15 and worked his way up from hospital radio to become head of production at the biggest alternative music radio station in the UK. He has since become an author, TV personality and an audiobook mogul. His opinions and anecdotes may seem bizarre compared to the typically inane banter of most DJs, but that's because the thoughts of a bald northern chimp are not normally broadcast on the radio. His name is definitely not Graham.

Steve's childhood address

Q: What was the name of the street where Steve lived while growing up?
A: Gay's Road

Sturgess's drug addiction jokes

Q: What's the deal with Ricky and Steve always taking the mick out of Claire Sturgess for being a recovering drug addict?
A: In 1991 when Sturgess was 16 her picture was printed in an article in The Daily Telegraph about teenage smack fiends. Apparently it was a mistake and the picture was from a dancing competition she'd won.

Every Boy's Fantasy

Q: Do we have a copy of the picture of that lady who allegedly slept with a 14 year old boy and he called it "every boy's fantasy?"
A: Yep. Here 'tis.

Make Ricky Laugh - Michael Stipe photo

Q: How about that one Steve showed Ricky with Peter Buck in, and Michael Stipe staring off into the distance?
A: Here:


Q: Have we ever seen a picture of Karl's girlfriend Suzanne?
A: No we have not, some have speculated on various photos over the years, but as Suzanne seems keen to remain anonymous, we at Pilkipedia wish to respect her privacy.


Q: Did a circus hippo really swallow a dwarf? Only I've seen this press cutting where...
A: No. It's an urban legend as explained on Snopes.com, however the press cuttings are genuine as the fake story was printed in several national newspapers.

The Shed Story

Q: Has the so-called 'Shed Story' from the 24 November 2001 Xfm show ever been revealed?
A: Yes, see the details here.

Karl's School Photo

Q: Have we seen the school photo of Karl from the 16 November 2002 show?
A: We have, from Satisfied Fool:

Steve's Bow Tie

Q: Any photos of teenage Steve wearing a bow tie?
A: Absolutely: