24 November 2001

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Xfm Series 1
November 2001 - May 2002
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24 November 2001 and it's Steve Merchant's birthday. Both he and Ricky are hungover after going out (separately) the previous night.

Track Listing

For a full transcript of this episode see 24 November 2001/Transcript.

1. Happy Birthday Steve (0:00:00)

Steve is 27 today and Karl starts early with a dig - he thinks Steve looks older than that.

2. The Wartime Speeches of Winston Churchill (0:02:12)

Ricky talks about seeing a TV show featuring 'Clothes For The Shorter Man' with Leo Sayer and Steve remembers when his father gave him The Wartime Speeches Of Winston Churchill on audio cassette for his 14th birthday. Young Steve then got embarrassed when his sister's attractive friend saw him listening to the tapes with his father. The Shed Story is mentioned.

3. The Greatest Album of All Time (0:06:11)

Ricky and Steve discuss VH1's Top 100 Albums of all time but are annoyed that Robbie Williams is in the Top 5. Steve mentions that he got drunk last night and to get in The Monarch for free (and his mates, a pound off) he may or may not have promised a doorman that Ricky will DJ.

4. Clubbing Steve (0:09:33)

Steve continues with his thrifty clubbing stories with one about greasing a doorman with two pounds to jump the queue and impress some girls who were nearby.

5. Big Guns Pilkington (0:13:50)

Both Ricky and Steve are tired and hungover and have run out of steam. Out of desperation they get out the big guns, namely Karl.

6. Salem's (a) Lot (of crap) (0:15:50)

Steve gives away tickets for Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, but doesn't know when the gig is. When Ricky mentions that Christian O'Connell is giving away a trip to Salem, Steve mentions he's visited and it's rubbish. The whole town is a like a ropey horror-based theme park and Steve always missed all the frights because he was at the back of the group and the man had already jumped out to scare people.

7. Ricky's Go-Kart (0:20:53)

Ricky's best childhood present was a go-kart he got for Christmas. The go-kart was always back against the shed, but one day it was gone. His mother rand she tells him that his father swapped it for a wheelbarrow from a bloke named Jimmy Dublin. Soon after, Ricky went to Bognor Regis with his mum and his nan in a caravan. He met a boy his age who hired a go-kart who came around to Ricky's caravan. Ricky said he had a go-kart too but his mother poked her head out of the caravan window and said, "Don't lie".

8. Howling Mad Murdoch (0:25:11)

Ricky and Steve are unimpressed with the level of insanity of The A Teams Murdoch. Karl blames Steve for bringing down the show because of his attitude.
Song For The Lovers: Jimmy Webb - Galveston

9. A Trowel and Some Coffee (0:29:13)

Steve describes more gifts from his father, including "The Making Of Thriller", which did not include the actual Thriller music video, and a trowel and industrial size jar of coffee for his mother. Karl accuses Stephen of being ungrateful and selfish. Karl didn't get many presents, as a kid, because his family "didn't really celebrate birthdays".

10. Planning Steve's Birthday Meal (0:33:30)

Ricky will be joining Steve's birthday meal with his family later, and Karl suggests that Steve's dad could be in the city already and has heard Steve slating his gifts.
Under The Covers: Spare Snare - Say My Name

11. Winner Stays On (0:34:41)

When Steve suggests the listeners phone and fax in if they think they shouldn't have a radio show, Ricky goes off on one about the unjust convention of 'winner stays on' when playing pool in pubs.

12. Where Is Bruno Brookes? (0:38:00)

Steve wonders if Bruno Brookes ever got complaints when he accidentally played an uncensored version of Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine. This prompts Karl to ask what Bruno Brookes is doing now. Steve realises that Karl looks like Moby. Ricky likes Moby as a person, but not his music. The lads promise to be much better next week.
Song For The Ladies: Badly Drawn Boy - Magic In The Air


Steve: I assumed you were using your knowledge of maths.
Karl: No, I wouldn't do that. (0:01:09)

Karl: [about Steve] If he's 27 today, he would have been 26 last week, and he doesn't look 26. He didn't look 26 last week, and he looks older than 28 today. (0:01:42)

Steve: [My Dad said to me about WW2] "Never forget, son." I went, "I don't remember, Dad." (0:05:01)

Ricky: You wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning to hear your Nan pissing in an iron bucket and you get disorientated. (0:24:30)


Bruno Brookes did indeed receive complaints when he played Killing In The Name: 138 of them.<ref>http://www.musicfanclubs.org/rage/articles/trivialized.htm</ref>


Sum 41 - In Too Deep
Cake - Short Skirt, Long Jacket
The White Stripes - Hotel Yorba
Oasis - Morning Glory
Elbow - Red
PJ Harvey - This is Love
Cypress Hill - (Rap) Superstar
Suede - Beautiful Ones
The Charlatans - A Man Needs to Be Told
Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At?
Dr Dre - Bad Intentions
Song For The Lovers: Jimmy Webb - Galveston
New Order - 60 Miles An Hour
Ash - Sometimes
Weezer - Island in the Sun
Under The Covers: Spare Snare - Say My Name
4 Hero - Les Fleur
Song For The Ladies: Badly Drawn Boy - Magic in the Air



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