Karl Looks at a Naked Man Before a Naked Lady

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Often teased by Ricky and Steve for having repressed homosexual tendencies, Karl famously revealed an incident where he had a glance at a man's penis and testicles even though there were ladies flashing their genitals at the same moment in time.

"Everyone Would"

After a brief discussion with Ricky and Steve about how he would be drawn to a man's "package" if he was watching ballet on TV (Ricky and Steve both claiming they would be drawn to "the beautiful ladies"), Karl recalls a night out he had where he attended a club and at a certain point in the evening two men and two woman took to the stage and removed their clothes in front of the audience. The flashers all removed their respective items of clothing simultaneously. Karl then said to Steve that in such a situation all men would have a "quick glance at the fellas". The annoying thing about this particular night out was that by the time he was finished looking at the men, the women had redressed and left the stage. Ricky and Steve queried how long Karl was looking at the men. Karl defended his actions saying it was human nature, and that most men would have a look just to see how the other men were "shaping up".

He also asked "How would you know whether what you've got is normal until you see someone else's?"


  • In the various tellings of this story throughout the Xfm shows and podcasts, it was never revealed what the occasion was or why Karl was at this night out.
  • When asked by Ricky "who had the biggest knob?", Karl replied they were both "normal".
  • After the first telling of this story(see below) Karl continued with a story about a holiday in which he was overly excited to see a fireman.
  • When Karl tells this story on a podcast, he changes it slightly and says he did get a look at the woman as well.

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