Ron Merchant

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Ron in the board room in Golden Years.

Ron Merchant is the father of Stephen Merchant, and seems to be responsible for many of his traits, particularly his carefulness with money.

Ron made several cameo appearances in The Office (see below). He also had a small role in Golden Years with Ricky and Steve.

Ron Merchant Anecdotes

On 24 November 2001, Steve shared several stories on the Xfm shows involving his father as a poor gift-giver. Gifts given by Ron Merchant include:

  • The Collected Wartime Speeches of Sir Winston Churchill on audio cassette, given to Steve for his 14th birthday. I'm not sure when you'll ever be in the mood to listen to that, to be honest. Unless you're under attack ...
  • The Making of Thriller, given to Steve. Lucky me. Can we watch it now?
  • a stainless steel trowel and an industrial-sized tin of coffee, given to his wife Elaine for their 20th wedding anniversary. She loves coffee, Steve.

On 03 January 2004, Steve revealed that his dad had bought his mum a gold bracelet for christmas. He was very proud of this gift and spent the whole day talking about it, often telling people to "look at the gleam on that".

On 22 March 2003, Steve told the story about when he was 12 or 13 on holiday, and his dad had bought a little boat. At one point in the boat, Steve, his dad, and his dad's mate were being carried by the tide toward some rocks. I've inherited .. his carefulness with money. Just the one life jacket, which I seem to remember he tore off my back and put on himself. A ferry boat came by and Steve and the friend thought they were saved, but Ron said "According to the laws of the sea, if he rescues us, he can claim my boat". Ricky found this scenario hilarious.

Cameos in The Office

Ron Merchant made several cameos in The Office as Gordon, a caretaker always stunned by the cameras.