Lord Of The Rings

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A LOTR movie mash-up poster about a Christmas gift for Karl's mam

A series of three films based on the popular books by J.R.R Tolkien. Ricky reviewed the first one in his cheeky film review prior to having seen it and gave it a 9/10.

Ricky and Steve showed repeated bafflement over their popularity during the Xfm years, amazed at how nerd culture became cool.

Rick, I just thought of a joke. What's the similarity between Lord of the Rings and this show? They're both rubbish. ~ Steve Merchant

Mentioned In

  • 08 December 2001 - Ricky's film review
  • 04 January 2003 - Steve poses the likeness of the films and their show
  • 13 December 2003 - Extended chat about LOTR, Harry Potter and role-playing games
  • 03 January 2004 - Steve gives a scathing review of the third film
  • 17 January 2004 - One of the Rockbusters prizes is a 14 hour long BBC radio adaptation of the books, Ricky suggests it be binned