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Project: Pilkipedia 

Project: Pilkipedia aims to build this wiki into the most authoritive reference source for Karl Pilkington, Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais.

Everyone is invited to help out and all contributions are welcome.

  • If you have an idea about what Project: Pilkipedia should do, please click the discussion tab at the top of this page and post your thoughts there or on the forum.


Current Projects

Karl's Bio

Karl Pilkington

Ricky's Bio

Ricky Gervais

Steve's Bio

Stephen Merchant

RSK Timeline

Adding more detail to timeline.

Karl's Books Section

Information on Idiot Abroad sequel and new Moaning of Life book.

Hello Ladies Sitcom Page

History. Cast information. Broadcast dates. Episode guide. Quotes.

The Moaning of Life Page

History Episode Guide Quotes Gallery.

Random Pages

On This Page there is a list of pages that have been linked to, but need creating.