Auntie Nora

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Auntie Nora is Karl's colourful aunt who he referenced several times during the Xfm years, the podcasts, and in his writing. The most famous legend of Auntie Nora is when she farted for 5 minutes as a result of being "pumped full of drugs" by doctors, Karl described her sounding like a 'maraca' she was so full of drugs all the time. Karl has also gone into detail about a time when he sat down in front of his TV as a child and happened to catch a glimpse up her skirt, and that "it looked like a ripped tennis ball" much to Ricky's hyena-like laughter. Karl also described how when he was a kid he used to have to rub Auntie Nora's back, and it was "like putting your hands in a bowl of Coco Pops". For his 8th birthday, she gave Karl a t-shirt with a picture of her face on it.

Once Karl talked about how Auntie Nora was interested in having her back garden Astroturfed because she was tired of dealing with it but she liked the green. Other oddities include her mashing up her leftover food and storing loads of meals for ages in ice cream tubs in the fridge, and her penchant for putting a valance around objects to hide what is underneath.

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