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Following the very successful second series of the audio podcasts Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington produced an irregular series of free short video podcasts, downloadable from iTunes.

Episode One

Karl peeks out his window

Friday 24th March 2006

Length: 2:26

Watch it: Episode 1 on YouTube

  • Ricky asks Karl to choose between letting Ricky tie his head to his knees and be locked in a cage until he was permanently deformed into that shape, or, to allow Ricky to perform facial surgery to sew up his mouth, nose and eyes and remove his ears.

Episode Two

Karl draws a hand with just one big finger

Sunday 2nd April 2006

Length: 2:46

Watch it: Episode 2 on YouTube

  • In one of Gervais' most iffy moments, he uses the video podcast the advertise his and Karl's forthcoming book Ricky Gervais presents The World of Karl Pilkington. While Ricky talks to the camera and behaves with charmless superiority, Karl quietly sits beside him, answers questions, and sketches out some drawings for the book.

Pre-order 'The World of Karl Pilkington' from

Episode Three

...from buliding to building just building.

Friday 7th April 2006

Length: 4:13

Watch it: Episode 3 on YouTube

  • This video podcast was an animation of Monkey News from the seventh episode of Podcast Series 1. It told the story of a monkey builder who built from top to bottom and who literally worked for peanuts. It was animated by Laurie Peters, an old schoolfriend of Karl Pilkington's, who also made some animations with Karl for Bo Selecta.

Episode Four

Corkhead Karl

Wednesday 24th April 2006

Length: 3:32

Watch it: Episode 4 on YouTube

  • This podcast was a collection of unrelated material and began with the radio ad for the Prostate Cancer Charity. It was written by Ricky Gervais, featuring Karl Pilkington and Stephen Merchant. The ad won an Aerial radio advertising Gold award.
  • A short acceptance film where Steve presents Ricky with the Aerial award and discusses Ricky's charity contributions. Karl appears at the end of the film and Ricky asks him if he has any thoughts and he replies "Just one. It's 2006, why we still using the finger?"
  • Ricky interviews Chris Martin from Coldplay.
  • Steve shot this video of Ricky opening a Champagne bottle and firing the cork at Karl's head in the Xfm studio while broadcasting the 28 May 2005 show from Xfm Series 4.

Episode Five

Ricky and Steve gaying up Karl.

Friday 26th April 2006

Length: 3:38

Watch it: Episode 5 on YouTube

"The Day Ricky and Steve made Karl watch Brokeback Mountain"
Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington settle down on the sofa to watch Brokeback Mountain, but Karl has trouble understanding how gay relationships work. In the end Ricky and Steve start touching Karl.

Episode Six

The Three-Legged Juggler

Monday 1st May 2006

Length: 4:11

Watch it: Episode 6 on YouTube

Episode Seven

The K Files

Saturday 20th May 2006

Length: 3:15

Watch it: Episode 7 on YouTube

  • Beginning with an audio clip from the very first podcast, where Karl tells Ricky and Steve about a run-down stately home, that doubled-up as a mental institution. In this house Karl discovered 3000 flies and a condom, which Ricky and Steve found hilarious and incredulous. In this video, Karl visits the house and shows the world proof that his story wasn't a lie an that.

Episode Eight

Ricky shows off his new colostomy bag.

Saturday 10th June 2006

Length: 6:59

Watch it: Episode 8 on YouTube

  • Direct from the set of the second series of Extras, Ricky and Steve give an update of how filming is going, while back at Ricky's house, Karl is hoovering when he discovers some illustrations for a new Flanimals book, Flanimals Of The Deep, providing some of his challenging opinions of animal and flanimal life.

Episode Nine

Karl whingin' about Ollie.

Monday 24th July 2006

Length: 3:52

Watch it: Episode 9 on YouTube

  • Karl spends four minutes complaining about how spoilt Ricky's cat Ollie is. The podcast includes clips of when Jonathan Ross gave Ricky the cat on his chat show.

Episode Ten

Dreaming Ricky Gervais

Wednesday 9th August 2006

Length: 4:02

Watch it: Episode 10 on YouTube

  • Ricky, Steve and Karl catch up after their summer apart and spend a little time daydreaming.

Extras Trailer No 1 (Episode Eleven)

Friday 1st September 2006

Length: 0:46

Watch it: Episode 11 on YouTube

  • A short trailer advertising Extras series 2.

Extras Trailer No 2 (Episode Twelve)

Friday 1st September 2006

Length: 0:47

Watch it: Episode 12 on YouTube

  • A second short trailer advertising Extras series 2.

Episode Fourteen

Thursday 7th September 2006

Length: 3:06

Watch it: Episode 14 on YouTube

  • This video podcast was released as "The Ricky Gervais Video Podcast No 14". It is actually only the thirteenth video podcast to be released.
  • The video begins with an audio clip from Podcast Series 1, Episode 6 where Karl talks about how there is too much choice in restaurants now and people are now taking risks with what they eat.
  • Afterwards a clip is shown of Karl cooking breakfast and elaborating on the conversation played previously.

Ricky's Podcasts Released During the FAME tour

Episode: 1

Ricky's TV ad for the FAME tour

Length: 0:30

Friday 29th June 2007

Watch it: [1]

  • This is an advert starring Ricky, wearing the same attire as he did for his shorts promoting Live 8, using the same white background.

Episode 2

Meet Robin Ince - Ricky's favourite way to prevent boredom

Length: 3:18

Friday 29th June 2007

Watch it: [2]

  • Ricky gets Robin some sportswear in preparation for his new training regime, and then laughs at him in it, on the treadmill, and running up a hill.
Robin's 'Swimming pool' on the beach.

Episode 3

Robin's birthday on the beach

Length: 1:48

Wednesday 11th July

Watch it: [3]

  • Ricky takes Robin to the beach for his birthday, and gets someone to dig him a 'swimming pool' to sit in whilst the tide rises. Ricky constantly reminds Robin how lucky he is to have his own swimming pool and be at the beach, in February.
Ricky resting on his laurels

Episode 4

Ricky and Stephen with news of an Extras Special

Length: 3:56

Friday 13th July

Watch it: [4]

  • Ricky and Steve bring news of the Extras Special, which turns into a talk about how the viewers aren't to be respected. Profanities abound.
Karl attempting to finish his book at Ricky's house, whilst Ricky attempts to vacuum his face.

Episode 5

Happyslapped by a Jellyfish===

Length: 1:57

Wednesday 18th July 2007

Watch it: [5]

  • Karl gets bothered by builders whilst working on his book, Ricky kindly offers his house as a refuge. One part of this podcast memorably has Ricky trying to vacuum Karl's face.

Episode 6

The Tufty Lovely Song

Length: 2:37

Wednesday 18th July 2007

Watch it: [6]

  • Ricky back to annoying Robin again, finishing with Ricky repeatedly running around the house, singing the Tufty Lovely Song.

Episode 7

Suprise, suprise

Length: 3:50

Monday 30th July

Watch it: [7]

  • Robin suprises Ricky during his live standup by walking onto the stage and presenting him with a children's book award for Flanimals, and giving him a live feed to the awards show whilst his own audience watches on.

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