Xfm Series 4

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Xfm Series 4

Xfm Series 4 ran for just six weeks from May 2005 to June 2005.

This time Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant had just finished making Extras. Highlights of this short run included Karl confessing he doesn't have medical check-ups for fear of the "finger up the arse" test and the story of Ricky and Karl's golfing adventures. The series ended with a shorter-than-usual show, as Ricky had to go to Live8 to introduce R.E.M.

There are six shows from Xfm Series 4 in circulation and each show has an individual page detailing its contents. They can be accessed by clicking the 'Title' (date) of each show.

List of Episodes

Title Xfm Label Season #
28 May 2005 Episode I Xfm Series 4 87
The show returns, Ricky and Stephen are standing in for Adam and Joe. They comment about how nothing has changed, except that the listenership has gone down possibly because each year a few old XFM listeners die, of smack addictions or gout. Ricky unveils some genuinely exciting prizes for Rockbusters, Karl talks about his testicles then gets a champagne cork shot at his head.
04 June 2005 Episode II Xfm Series 4 88
Ricky dedicates the show to a group of scientists working in the Antarctic and Karl doesn't want anyone to put their finger up his arse.
11 June 2005 Episode III Xfm Series 4 89
Ricky takes Karl on a day out to a golf course. Ricky intercepts fool-proof cooking instructions from Karl's girlfriend, Suzanne, and Karl reminisces about the day he tried to put sausages in a toaster.
18 June 2005 Episode IV Xfm Series 4 90
Karl makes a new friend on the train from Manchester to London and takes issue with The Who's classic Pinball Wizard. Also on This Week: A sceptical journalist is convinced Karl is a creation of Ricky and Stephen, plus: Karl gets in trouble with his family and 'knobnews' returns.
25 June 2005 Episode V Xfm Series 4 91
This Week: Karl explains to Ricky and Stephen why Eric Clapton's 'Wonderful Tonight' is about a man in a wheelchair, and compares colonic irrigation to the Generation Game.
02 July 2005 Episode VI Xfm Series 4 92
Steve talks about his trying experience when DJing at a wedding. Karl is annoyed because Ricky has to rush off to introduce R.E.M. at Live 8.

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