Little Donkey

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Little Donkey is a story first told by Karl on the 23 February 2002 show. In primary school Karl managed to get a part playing the drums in "We Three Kings". After his performance, "Little Donkey" began and Karl couldn't help but drum along, even though he wasn't meant to. Karl believes that his improvisation "went down such a storm" which is why his teacher allowed him to drum to Little Donkey again the 2nd night.

Karl's dad's reaction is of particular humour for Ricky and Steve. Despite Karl not inviting him to the show, he went and called Karl "the twat in the hat" to a man who was filming the performance.

Shows Featured In

23 February 2002 - 4:50 - First telling of Little Donkey
09 March 2002 - 38:00
23 November 2002 - 2:15
14 June 2003 - 56:08
09 August 2003 - 47:19
15 November 2003 - 36:35

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