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The Show's Album Art

Almost two years after the release of The Podfather Trilogy, Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington return for Series 5 of The Ricky Gervais Show. Although it took some convincing to get Karl onboard in the form of a poster campaign and blog by Gervais, all three eventually reunited in the recording studio in July 2008 to record 4 half hour episodes. The show is available on iTunes and Audible as an audiobook series.

List of Episodes

Title Release Date Length
Series 5 Episode 1 15 September 2008 28:08
The show begins unorganised and a shambles but quickly takes off as the gang discusses iPods, dead owls, ties with pockets and gay marriage.
Series 5 Episode 2 15 September 2008 34:40
Karl decides what he would put into Room 102. He makes a case for slugs and restless leg syndrome, among other things. Ricky also gives him a chance to address all the scientists of the world.
Series 5 Episode 3 15 September 2008 30:14
Ricky, Steve and Karl discuss the growing problem of obesity. Ricky tells an anecdote from when he was in his early twenties and he tried to make a suit out of gold curtains.
Series 5 Episode 4 15 September 2008 26:12
Steve discloses his guilt about how he would have had nothing to worry about in Nazi Germany. Karl is reluctant to hide Anne Frank in his loft and later chooses a book and luxury item for Desert Island Discs.

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