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Podcast Series 5
September 2008
List of episodes


  1. Series 5 Episode 1 - 15 September 2008
  2. Series 5 Episode 2 - 15 September 2008
  3. Series 5 Episode 3 - 15 September 2008
  4. Series 5 Episode 4 - 15 September 2008

Ricky, Steve, and Karl return after a long break from podcasting to discuss dead owls, iPods, and gay marriage.

Track Listing

1. “If This Is Still In Then It Didn’t Go Well” (0:00)

The first episode kicks off with a shambles. Steve complains that his chair is uncomfortable, Karl continues to adjust the sound levels while recording, and they have to introduce the show multiple times after some false starts. Ricky explains that the shows cannot be called podcasts anymore because when they gave away shows in the past people have complained that they later charged for them, seemingly a reference to The Podfather Trilogy that had recently made commercially available. Karl has a go at Steve because he wants to swap chairs and enquires if he always gets his way at home. Karl feels guilty charging for this. Ricky has a go at Karl for being picky about the teabags, but Karl insists that he can differentiate teas on their taste alone.

2. iPods and Dead Owls (6:20)

Karl's drawing of a tie with pockets.

The boys reminisce about the changes in the world that have taken place since the start of their radio and podcast run. They begin with the war on terror but then end up talking about iPods. Karl feels like having an iPod causes him to have more clutter since if you’ve got a space you’ve got to fill it. The topic then shifts to Ricky’s house; Karl compares an iPod to Ricky’s house because he has too much space so he just fills it with dead owls. Karl prefers people to get rid of the clutter in their lives and be more “miminalistic”. Steve and Ricky speculate that Karl would have been happier in the 17th century when things were simpler. Karl then recalls a childhood story when his mother was giving him a bath and he remembered a past life when he had a bath in a tin tub. Ricky then remembers a documentary about past lives and wonders why everyone assumes they were famous.

3. Ties With Pockets (16:40)

Ricky brings up Karl’s failed ideas for inventions, including a tie with pockets. Karl feels the tie is useless and needs to have more of a purpose. He would wear a tie if it had pockets. Steve and Ricky insist that you don’t need your tie to have pockets because your other clothing has them.

4. Karl and Graham (19:40)

The topic of gay marriage comes up and Karl wonders if they only want it because they can’t have it. Karl also thinks it will be a problem for them to decide whose surname to use. Ricky then poses a hypothetical question to Karl about what he would do if he were gay. It then turns into a scenario involving a gay fellow named Graham who is 38, lives in Brighton, wears a pink shirt and is in advertising. Karl must either marry Graham or marry a chimp or else his family will die. Unfortunately for Graham, Karl is having none of it and decides to marry the chimp.


Karl: “I’m just saying I have not got room for a dead owl.”

Karl: “A few years ago people worked this out, they all went miminalistic.”

Karl: “Any problem solved is a new problem made.”

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