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Podcast Series 5
September 2008
List of episodes


  1. Series 5 Episode 1 - 15 September 2008
  2. Series 5 Episode 2 - 15 September 2008
  3. Series 5 Episode 3 - 15 September 2008
  4. Series 5 Episode 4 - 15 September 2008

The fourth and final episode of the fifth series of The Ricky Gervais Show. Steve discusses how he would have fared in Nazi Germany and Karl tries to get Anne Frank out of his loft. They finish off by letting Karl choose his book and luxury item for Desert Island Discs.

Track Listing

1. Spider Village (1:33:05)

Ricky tells a story about Matt Robinson, his co-writer for This Side of the Truth, who went to a town in Indonesia when he was a kid where “The spiders had won”. Karl brings up the spider that lives in his parents' house under the telly. His mum marked it so she knows which one it is and she considers it one of the family.

2. Steve the Nazi Pinup (1:37:45)

Steve watched a documentary about Nazis and felt guilty because he knows that he would have been all right in Nazi Germany. Karl disagrees with the idea that Steve would be an ideal Nazi. Ricky finds it funny that Hitler doesn’t match the description of his own ideal Nazi. Karl mentions his guilty urges to slap babies or kick geese.

3. “Everyone must have had a Jew in the loft” (1:42:28)

Steve asks Karl if he would have helped Anne Frank hide from the Nazis and stand up to oppression. It turns into a scenario in which Ricky plays a German officer and Karl is hiding Jewish people in his attic. Karl would try and convince her to move out.

4. Karl’s Desert Island Discs (1:49:30)

Ricky asks Karl for his Desert Island Discs. He can take his 8 favorite tunes, a luxury item and a book. Ricky took a table top book of art, a vat of Novocaine, and his 8 records. Karl would take a dictionary because he's “not that good with words”, and he’d like to have a nice chat with himself. He also wants to impress the people who come to “capture” him. For his luxury item, Karl would take a bag of Revels.

5. Saints and Martyrs (1:57:47)

Ricky thanks everyone for listening over the years and Karl rambles on about mammoths and weeds.


Karl: Everyone must have had a Jew in the loft.

Karl: She’s basically just a squatter with a diary.

Karl: Your eyes get bored of anything.

Steve: Yoo-hoo! Antidisestablishmentarianism!
Ricky: Get him on this boat now!

Karl: That’s what the world’s like, a big weed. We’re just a weed in the universe.


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