Series 5 Episode 2

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Podcast Series 5
September 2008
List of episodes


  1. Series 5 Episode 1 - 15 September 2008
  2. Series 5 Episode 2 - 15 September 2008
  3. Series 5 Episode 3 - 15 September 2008
  4. Series 5 Episode 4 - 15 September 2008

The second of four episodes in the fifth series of The Ricky Gervais Show. Ricky and Steve decide to play Room 102 with Karl and give him the opportunity to talk to all the scientists in the world.

Track Listing

1. Karl’s Ideal Man (28:08)

Ricky feels sorry for Graham because of how Karl treated him. Karl asserts that Graham is not his type. If Karl were gay he would rather be with someone you don’t know was gay. Karl wants someone who will watch Die Hard with him, then go to bed.

2. Breast Milk Pudding and Jizz Flan (31:30)

Before they ask Karl to play Room 101, Ricky reminds everyone of the things he put in when he was on the show. Ricky would put in lateness and parents who think everyone is interested in their children. He then recalls a story about a hippy woman who brought a friend of his a rice pudding made of breast milk which really annoyed him. The papers the next day claimed he showed his misogynist side, but he stands by his belief that it is disgusting to drink a stranger’s breast milk.

3. Karl’s Room 102 (35:05)

Ricky would like to find out what things Karl would put in Room 102, the room next door to Room 101, where they will be forever banished. Karl would put in Graham and slugs. Karl then talks about his current problems with slugs in his pipes. Karl believes that slugs are slow because they eat glue on stamps which leads to them sweating glue. Next, Karl decides to put in “People who don’t want to do what their brains would be better at doing” and restless leg syndrome. Lastly he wants to put in people who think humans are special and the human race is amazing. Karl thinks only a few people have done things that matter.

4. Karl and the Scientists (57:50)

Karl is annoyed with the “Big Bang Machine” because he thinks scientists are trying to start a new universe. Steve tries to explain that they are just trying to recreate the conditions at the beginning of the universe for research. Ricky then creates a scenario where Karl is in charge of the world and has gathered all the scientists in the world before him then asks what he would say to them all.

5. Goodbye (1:02:25)

Ricky ends the show with a bit more scientist role playing with Steve.


Ricky: Here’s a cum sandwich. It doesn’t matter if it’s natural, it’s fucking disgusting.

Ricky: Surely you draw the line there, of a stranger’s breastmilk.
Steve: Oh yeah yeah, no absolutely… any kind of jizz flan.

Karl: Ok let’s go to the extreme: people with no legs who want to be swimmers… don’t be stupid.

Ricky: Who am I talking to now, Karl or his brain?
Karl: We’re both listening.

Karl: Whilst I’m sat here they’re not probleming me.

Karl: Can everybody but the big bang people leave.


  • Ricky and Steve first asked Karl what he would put in Room 102 during an Xfm radio show on 04 May 2002.

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