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If there's anything that fascinates Karl more than monkeys, it's freaks. His favourite film is The Elephant Man, and his prized possession is a little book of freaks from FHM, which, for some time, he carried everywhere.

It was out of this interest that Cheeky Freak of the Week was born, in 2003. Similar in format to Monkey News, it involved Karl informing Ricky and Steve about a freak he'd discovered. Karl was always keen to stress that the feature wasn't "having a go" or "taking the Mick", but was to make people think about what it would be like to have that deformity and to be thankful that they didn't.

The feature had its own jingle, similar in style to Monkey News: "Ooh, Cheeky! Freak of the Week", although a different version was heard on occasion: "La Freak, c'est chic. Cheeky Freak of the Week".

The feature was later dropped by Karl after concerns that people were getting offended.


Below is a complete list of all Cheeky Freaks mentioned in the feature.

15 March 2003

  • Fella with no arms fixing watches with his feet ("crush grapes")
  • Pillow man
  • Elephant woman Karl saw when he was a lad
  • Elephant man
  • Little fella who ages fast (most likely Werner's Syndrome) playing the piano

29 March 2003

  • Fat German man fell over, firefighters had to rescue him by carrying him with hoses
  • Fella with 27 toes and fingers
  • Elephant woman Karl saw (called 'Spudhead' by his father)

26 April 2003

  • People with deformed back legs or 'dog people' ("would you serve her in a restaurant if you don't allow animals in there?)

31 May 2003

  • The lobster man
  • Siamese lad who got run over (why didn't he just look both ways?)

07 June 2003

  • Conjoined twins (Chang and Ang, the brothers who coined the term 'Siamese twins') having a bath

14 June 2003

  • 7 year old pregnant lad
  • Weirdest couple ever married, fella had the skin of a lizard; woman was the hairiest woman ever.

28 June 2003

  • Little fella with four eyes, two noses, and two mouths.
  • Bonus freak is the smallest man in the world (possibly He Pingping) who was photographed leaning on an apple.