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Podcast Series 2
February 2006 - April 2006
List of episodes


  1. Series 2 Episode 1 - 27 February 2006
  2. Series 2 Episode 2 - 7 March 2006
  3. Series 2 Episode 3 - 16 March 2006
  4. Series 2 Episode 4 - 21 March 2006
  5. Series 2 Episode 5 - 28 March 2006
  6. Series 2 Episode 6 - 4 April 2006

The trio returns for the new and improved Ricky Gervais Show that is no longer free. Topics of discussion include time travel, doppelgangers, and more entries from Karl's Diary. They also revive a classic feature from the Xfm years, Rockbusters.

Track Listing

1. This Time You Have to Pay for It (0:00)

Ricky introduces the all new Ricky Gervais Show. Steve questions what makes this show new but Ricky reminds him that they are now charging for them. Monkey News has been retired because Karl says they’ve “done it all.” But Ricky predicts a possible return in the future, especially when the listeners inevitably start an internet campaign.

2. Karl’s New Planet (1:00)

After Steve questions whether the show is episode 13 or episode 1, Karl poses his own question about what year it would be if humans inhabit another planet. Ricky hopelessly tries to explain basic astronomy to Karl and what makes a year a year. Karl feels you can’t change things too much for people, especially old people because they are “set in their ways”. Karl also worries about stationery and diaries being incorrect so he has decided that we should just leave everything the way it is.

3. Light Years and Time Travel (3:13)

Ricky goes on to describe a conversation he had with Karl in the week where he attempted to explain telescopes that can see back to the big bang and what a light year is. Of course, Karl was having none of it. Ricky also attempts to explain the improbability of time travel since, if it were possible in the future, people would have come back in time. Karl is also unimpressed by the telescope because in space there is nothing in the way.

4. Doppelgangers (5:48)

Steve reads an email sent in by a listener named Jake, who asks Karl what he would do with his doppelganger. Karl worries about knowing which one he was; Ricky immediately deems this statement the stupidest thing ever said by a human. Karl ultimately decides that it would be a headache and he wants none of it. Ricky wants to contact the Guinness Book of World Records to submit Karl’s doppelganger statement. Karl also wouldn’t want to have a twin because they don’t look enough alike.

5. Heaven and Hell Conundrum (9:37)

Ricky attempts to be more cerebral with the new podcast and present more science and logic. He gives Karl a puzzle about two doors, one to heaven and one to hell, with identical guards in front of each door. The guard in front of heaven always tells the truth and the one to hell always lies. Karl has one question to ask one of the guards. What does he ask? This leads to a roleplay scenario in which Ricky and Steve play the two guards. Karl decides to ask Steve if God is in because he has some post that he needs to sign for. Unfortunately it doesn’t work since both Ricky and Steve say that God is in and is behind their door. Ricky then gives up and tells Karl the answer: you ask either guard, "If I were to ask the other guard which door he was guarding, what would he say?". Karl instead believes that this is a scenario where you would use your “gut feeling".

6. Abstract Art (16:33)

Steve reads another entry from Karl’s Diary. Karl describes a book he read called Freaks. He talks about the Two Headed Nightingale, a pair of Siamese twins who were pictured playing chess with a doctor; Karl feels this isn’t fair. He also had a conversation with Ricky’s mate, Glyn, about art. Karl doesn’t have any art because he has a mirrored wall and thus no place to hang it. Karl explains that the wall was put up by a little gay fella who lived there before him and Karl wonders what “experimental” things he used it for. His solution to this was to put wallpaper over the mirror, but he still can’t hang things on it. Karl doesn’t get abstract art; Ricky tries to explain the effects of photography on modern art and Karl gets annoyed that photography was invented at all. He then tells a spurious story about Dali and the lobster telephone. Karl’s favourite artist is Lowry, but he’d rather look out the window.

7. Too Many Words (23:37)

Steve goes on to read more from the diary. Karl is worried that people aren’t keeping a close enough eye on the dictionary as there are too many words added and not enough taken out. Karl also wrote about global warming and head size. He believes there is too much information being crammed into brains causing them to grow.

8. The Return of Rockbusters (26:27)

Ricky introduces the classic Xfm feature, Rockbusters which Ricky and Steve immediately criticise. Steve uses the “Wetknee Houston” example to give the listeners an idea. The winner who emails the correct answers first will receive a signed picture of Karl.

9. Goodbye (30:08)

Ricky and Steve say goodbye and remind listeners to download the previous episodes of The Ricky Gervais Show.


Well, i don't want a house that far away from the water. I want to be right on top of it. B.
That part of my leg is English. B.
The fitness teacher has got a speech impediment.KW.


Ricky: If I know our listeners, and I don’t want to.

Karl: They say… What do they say? I don’t know.

Karl: (on doppelgangers) How would I know which one I was?

Karl: Siamese twins never look the same, they’ve just got their ‘ead stuck together.

Karl: Identical twins, you always get a little snidey one.

Ricky: Why are you fantasizing what a little gay fella was doing in front of your mirror?


  • Steve's example for Rockbusters comes from the Xfm radio show on 09 November 2002.

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