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Special Episodes

Radio Shows

  1. Xfm - 31 May 1998
  2. Xfm - 07 June 1998
  3. BBC Radio 2 Show - 24 December 2005
  4. BBC Radio 2 Show - 31 December 2005
  5. NME Radio Show


  1. Podcast - Bonus Disc
  2. Fame Souvenir Program Podcast
  3. A Day In The Life

In October 2010, Ricky, Steve and Karl recorded a podcast as a thank you for the fans' support during the previous year. The show featured Ricky and Steve quizzing Karl on a typical day in his life, most of which involved doing DIY around the house.

Track Listing

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Karl: The thing is, she got someone in once when the oven blew up. Right? I said, “Leave it, I’ll sort it.” -- “No, you don’t know what you’re doing. Get someone in.” -- “No, let me have a look.” -- “No, get someone in.” She calls someone up. They come round. The old 80 pound callout charge business straightaway. They pull it out. They go, “Oh, it was the fuse and the plug.” Now, I could have sorted that out, but she didn’t give me a chance. So, now it’s good now because I’ve got that on the old backburner. So every time she says “let’s call someone out” I’ll go, “Oven!”... as a little reminder. So I’m glad, in a way, that she did, but so now she just leaves it -- she doesn’t interfere.
Ricky: “Karl! Karl! Karl! I’ve got terrible pains!” -- “Oven!”
Steve: Have you sorted that problem?
Karl: Er, not yet.
Steve: No, so the wire’s still hanging out of the wall.
Karl: Yeah, yeah. But I know what to do, it’s just that I want to do the other jobs first.
Steve:Yeah, but she’s concerned about that one and it’s also very dangerous.
Karl: It’s not that dangerous.
Ricky: Steve... Oven!

Ricky: “I’ll eat it!” He’s listing it in his day’s work. “I’ll eat it! I say, I’ve eaten that.” She goes, “Thank you”. I go, “Oven!”

Karl: The washer keeps breaking and she won't let me fix it, even though I know what it was, it was the heating element. Ricky: Oven!!

Ricky: What is she, a fuckin’ astronaut? “Have you seen them tablets wot are food?”


  • Ricky mentions about purchasing a canister of oxygen from the Innovations catalogue to assist him to win a race against a friend while he was on the dole. This was first discussed in the XFM show of 19 April 2003.
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