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Xfm Series 0

Xfm Series 0 refers to the original Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant show on the pre-takeover Xfm. The show was broadcast from January to August 1998 from 4pm to 6pm on Sundays, and was followed by The X-Rated Review Show presented by Lawrie Hallett (who Ricky and Steve called 'Rory Halibut'). These shows were before both the creation of The Office and the duo meeting Karl Pilkington and as such the show was mostly filled with their own anecdotes and attempts to interact with the audience. Unlike the later XFM shows, many of these featured a lot of pre-recorded content such as jingles, fake adverts and phone calls to Ricky's mother. Only a few known recordings of the original shows exist. In August 1998, Ricky and Steve took voluntary redundancy after the Capital Radio Group bought out Xfm.

In December 2008, a new member to Pilkipedia, Jezoc, shared material from four different cassette tapes of Ricky and Steve's Xfm shows that he recorded from the live broadcasts during the summer of 1998. These tapes are split into seven files; the first tape is a compilation of some of Jezoc's favourite links and the remaining tapes are various shows by Ricky and Steve, as well as excerpts from shows by Claire Sturgess and Anne Hobbs that feature Ricky and Steve as guests.

List of Episodes

Title Xfm Label Season #
31 May 1998 n/a Xfm Series 0 1
Ricky and Steve discuss Geri Halliwell leaving the Spice Girls, past pop culture items which Steve doesn't remember and Ricky's swearing. Also features music by Brainmangle, Velvetnazi666UK, Muff Shandy and Tony Buddabing.
07 June 1998 n/a Xfm Series 0 2
Ricky promises no more swearing or profanity in this show after his mother told him off for swearing last week. Steve mocks Ricky's mum's, discusses the "perfect murder" and the duo give away wrist bands to see Embrace at HMV.
Tape 1 Side A n/a Xfm Series 0 3
Best of from 4-10 weeks of shows. Includes phone calls to Ricky’s mum, Wesley Willis tracks, and the Doris Stokes autobiography, Voices in my Ear.
Tape 1 Side B n/a Xfm Series 0 4
Another best of from 4-10 weeks of shows. Includes Jezoc and Jody Barnes, Tip the Balance, Ricky Gervais Meat Rations, and an anecdote by Steve about the Ciabatta Brothers.
Tape 2 Side A n/a Xfm Series 0 5
Possibly a whole show or two, with many links appearing on the first tape. Other links include Teen Knight Rider, Make Ricky Gervais Laugh, and a competition to find the worst song lyrics.
Tape 2 Side B n/a Xfm Series 0 6
Once again, possibly a whole show or two, with many links appearing on the first tape. Other links include a discussion about visitors to coma patients, a feud between Steve and Little Boy Frazier, and Steve's celebrity relation.
Tape 3 Side A n/a Xfm Series 0 7
Also a whole show or two, with many links appearing on the first tape. Other links include the first ever edition of Make Ricky Gervais Laugh, Steve's idea for a TV show, and Ricky's challenge to fight Ian Camfield
Tape 3 Side B n/a Xfm Series 0 8
A composite of several shows. It not only includes material from Ricky and Steve's Xfm show, but also excerpts from Anne Hobbs' Radio 1 show where Ricky and Steve guest star, and from Claire Sturgess' show where Ricky is the guest.
Tape 4 n/a Xfm Series 0 9
Another composite of several shows. It has a more complete excerpt from Claire Sturgess's show with Ricky as a guest and several of Ricky and Steve's Xfm shows.
The Best of the Rest n/a Xfm Series 0 10
Bits of random early shows we do not have elsewhere as well as some other rarities: 1. Fox, Chicken, Bag Of Seed, 2. If You Don't Know Me By Now (song), 3. Stag Night, 4. Freelove Freeway (song), 5. Do You Want To Win Some Beer?, 6. Guardian Guide adverts, 7. Cockatoo, 8. Don't Cry, It's Christmas (song), 9. Prostate Cancer advert, 10. Promocast no.4, 11. Pissing In Sinks, 12. Hotel of Hate, 13. Bono off U2 advert, 14. What Kind Of Hat Is That?, 15. The Honey Badger, 16. Simon Pegg & Nick Frost (feat. Karl & Ricky), 17. Monkey News (2003-08-02)

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