Xfm Series 3

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Xfm Series 3

Xfm Series 3 ran from November 2003 to January 2004, and consisted of just 12 shows, including one 'Best of'. The series began with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant fresh from filming The Office Christmas specials. Meanwhile, Karl has gone back on his promise never to do another radio show with Ricky and Steve again because he's managed to get Mondays off. Ricky thinks Karl is exploiting the situation to get out of doing his job. A few weeks later Ricky is outraged when Karl tells him that he's going to Lanzarote on holiday. However, at the end of the series justice is had when Ricky and Steve start gaying Karl up.

There are 12 shows from Xfm Series 3 in circulation and each show has an individual page detailing its contents. They can be accessed by clicking the 'Title' (date) of each show.

List of Episodes

Title Xfm Label Season #
01 November 2003 Season 2, Vol. 1 Xfm Series 3 75
After saying he'd never do another show again, Karl is back just 3 months later - only now, he's got Monday's off.
08 November 2003 Season 2, Vol. 2 Xfm Series 3 76
Karl is in trouble with Suzanne after saying, on last week's show, that her new haircut made her look like Dave Hill from Slade.
15 November 2003 Season 2, Vol. 3 Xfm Series 3 77
Suzanne's big arse. Pop culture survey on VH1-rubbish. Jonathan Ross gave Ricky a cat, Steve's insanely jealous of them being mates. Posters of Ricky and Steve on the Tube are to Steve's embarrassment. Karl gets handed a card in Soho with the phrase "The best bum in W-1" on it. Karl getting involved with the police, being in Witness Protection from mafia.
22 November 2003 Season 2, Vol. 4 Xfm Series 3 78
England wins 2003 rugby World Cup. Steve reminisces about his glasses. Karl and Steve trade insults about their appearances. The Office headed to America. What's a proctologist?
29 November 2003 Season 2, Vol. 5 Xfm Series 3 79
Buttplugs. Karl goes on a blind date and is annoyed that he spent money on someone who is just going to 'die on him'.
06 December 2003 Season 2, Vol. 6 Xfm Series 3 80
Mobile discos of Karl and Steve. A program called 'Bodysnatchers' was on during the week about parasites in the animal kingdom. Man with ear-problem accidentally has testicles removed. Half man, half biscuit.The war in the news. Elephant polo. Nelson's letters. Ricky - good neighbour, bad friend. Art - Lowry vs Dwarf in a box. Dog that does Nazi salute. German women.
13 December 2003 Season 2, Vol. 7 Xfm Series 3 81
Xfm's Christmas presents to the guys. Karl not buying for Suzanne. The birds and the bees. 'Baby wot giv birf to a baby'. Rockbusters revisited. Lord of the Rings is shit. Nerdlingers. The English language. Karl in Films this week is 'Scrooge'. Cheeky Freak of the Year: the 7 year old who is 38. Monkey News this week is about an aeroplane passenger complaining that they have no nuts.
20 December 2003 n/a Xfm Series 3 82
Karl is on holiday in "Lanzagrotty", so Ricky and Steve are joined by Xfm DJ Ian Camfield.
27 December 2003 n/a Xfm Series 3 83
A 'Best of' compilation.
03 January 2004 Season 2, Vol. 8 Xfm Series 3 84
Karl can't get the original album version of "Love Will Tear Us Apart". He's back from his visit from "Lanzagrotty" and decides it's made up of 36 volcanoes that should be filled in with cement. Karl finally reads "The Guvna" which is actually in order this time. The gang wonder how barometers work and comment on the rather nervous looking daughter on the cover of the calendar. Finally, they're also clueless on China.
10 January 2004 Season 2, Vol. 9 Xfm Series 3 85
The gang are back and they're talking about the mysteries of the universe. Steve talks about how crap James Bond is. Karl talks about elephants with wooden teeth and Kirsty the lab assistant's follies.
17 January 2004 Season 2, Vol. 10 Xfm Series 3 86
Karl screams as Steve holds him down and Ricky rubs his nipple against Karl's lips in an attempt to have Karl kiss it.

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