The Best of the Rest

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Xfm Series 0
January 1998 - August 1998
List of episodes


  1. 31 May 1998 (Transcript)
  2. 07 June 1998 (Transcript)
  3. Tape 1 Side A (Transcript)
  4. Tape 1 Side B (Transcript)
  5. Tape 2 Side A (Transcript)
  6. Tape 2 Side B (Transcript)
  7. Tape 3 Side A (Transcript)
  8. Tape 3 Side B (Transcript)
  9. Tape 4 (Transcript)
  10. The Best of the Rest (Transcript)

The Best of the Rest is another compilation, this time it's of some of Ricky, Steve and Karl's rare bits, some ranging from very early XFM all the way up to extras from the podcast years. Also contains a clip from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's radio show featuring Ricky and Karl.

Track Listing

For a full transcript of this episode see The Best of the Rest/Transcript.

1. Fox, Chicken, Big Bag of Seed (00:00)

Steve asks Ricky to solve the classic puzzle about getting a fox, a chicken, and a bag of seed across a river, apparently told to Steve by a desparate man who really needs to perform this task.

2. Man-mountain Tyson of a Piece of Poultry (04:20)

Steve and Ricky continue to mull over the puzzle, poking holes in the story and attempting to use logic to solve it.

3. This is Dodgy (06:34)

Ricky eventually solves the puzzle using his ingenuity.

4. Steve Visits a Strip Club (08:30)

Steve relates to Ricky an anecdote about his friend's stag night where they ate at the Aberdeen Angus Steakhouse (Steve was not at all impressed) then went onto a strip club (where Steve was still not impressed).

5. Just Give Me Your Address (13:55)

Ricky phones a number and offers the call receiver some free beer and money. The receiver seems suspicious and incredibly perplexed as to why a random person (he seemingly does not recognise Ricky's voice or know of the show) would call and offer free beer if the receiver gave their address. Ricky deliberately makes the call increasingly weird.

6. Guardian Guide Part 1 (17:43)

A series of clips of XFM extras with Ricky and Karl advertising the Guardian Guide for local shows and that night's television, with their own spin on things. These ones feature "Designer vaginas", "Worst jobs in history" and "The truth about the killer squid".

7. What Happens if You Sleep With Animals (21:02)

Steve and Ricky talk drivel and manage to link the topics of reincarnation, Thora Hird and bestiality.

8. Guardian Guide Part 2 (23:09)

A Guardian Guide clip talking about Paul Weller and King Arthur's Britain.

9. Podcast Extras (24:31)

Some extra clips from the podcast including a prostate PSA, sweatshops, and a paradox which Karl tries to answer in his own way despite it being explained to him.

10. XFM Extras (28:53)

Extra XFM clips where Ricky tells the sink pissing story, and suggests Mary Anne Hobbs can try to save her show with his new idea, the Hotel of Hate, reminiscient of a BBC program. Ricky also talks to Bono as played by Steve.

11. Guardian Guide Part 3 (33:13)

A Guardian Guide clip advertising a charity gig which Ricky is a part of, and a television program about a deaf baby.

12. Berets and Badgers (34:40)

Discussion on berets, and a badger fact.

13. Urban Myths With Simon and Nick (37:12)

A clip from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's radio show with Karl Pilkington as producer. They get Ricky Gervais on the line to crack wise about winning a BAFTA and allow Karl to tell one of his urban myths about a sun tan shop. The story is of course met with mockery.

14. A Trained Monkey (44:11)

Monkey News from an XFM show about how the monkey that was sent to space was used to train other monkeys. Ricky and Steve draw parallels to Karl's own profession.

15. Guardian Guide Part 4 (48:54)

Another Guardian Guide clip advertising PJ Harvey, Ross Noble, and a program about a genius ape.

16. Is That Meant to Be Good? (50:26)

Ricky tells us of a world farting record and relates it to Karl's auntie Nora. Then a real monkey news is given, and Karl is unimpressed as usual.


Theaudience - If You Can't Do It When You're Young; When Can You Do It?
Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It)
David Brent - If You Don't Know Me By Now
The Strokes - Last Nite
Ricky Gervais - Free Love Freeway
The Strokes - Last Nite
Coldplay - In My Place
The Verve - Sonnet

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