17 November 2001

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Xfm Series 1
November 2001 - May 2002
List of episodes


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  22. 27 April 2002 (Transcript)
  23. 04 May 2002 (Transcript)

17 November 2001 opens with Ricky joking about Karl turning their microphones on because on the 06 October 2001 episode, Karl forgot to turn the microphones on.

Track Listing

For a full transcript of this episode see 17 November 2001/Transcript.

1. Mystic Mug (0:00:00)

Steve invites Ricky and Karl to scoff with him at a tabloid story in which a lottery winner claims it was clairvoyant Mystic Meg's advice that led him to win. Karl says he's livid, for some reason.

2. Birds With Knobs (0:03:10)

Steve tests Ricky with some animal trivia, including the question 'which is the only bird with penis?' But much to Karl's chagrin, this leads Ricky and Steve to declare their love of the species of bird, tits and cocks. This later resulted in a complaint.

3. Look At Karl's Face (0:08:14)

Ricky and Steve continue to annoy Karl with innuendo. Ricky's likes the novel, 'Moby Dick'. Steve's favourite Beatles song is Come Together. And Ricky's favourite philosopher is Immanuel Kant.

4. Wayne King (0:10:14)

Karl wonders if swan's penises are their to balance them, like a rudder. Ricky asks Karl if he likes the pianist Wayne King.

5. Childred in Need (0:12:59)

Ricky, Steve and Karl vent their cynicism about last night's BBC telethon, but it soons becomes clear that Steve stayed up to watch firemen stripping on the show.

6. Those Sparky Bubb Boys (0:17:57)

Ricky and Steve talk about rapper Bubba Sparxxx.

7. I Seem To Have Run Out of Words (0:18:34)

Prompted by Children In Need, Steve re-tells his story about listening to a local BBC DJ who "ran out of words" which he originally told on Xfm on 15 February 1998. Steve also re-tells another story from that same show about seeing Keith Harris and Orville in a motorway traffic jam.

8. Steve The Geek (0:23:38)

Ricky tells Steve his legendary high score on his trivia machine has recently been beaten. Karl says that Steve is always picking on him. Ricky tries some diplomacy by introducing Song For The Lovers, then Steve attempts a reconcilation with Karl by kissing him. But Karl doesn't want to be kissed. The Song For The Lovers is by David Bowie.

9. Karl the Poet (0:27:16)

Steve calls Karl a poet after he gives his opinion about David Bowie.

10. Ricky Gervais Film Review - Rain Man (0:27:48)

Steve thinks that choosing a film about autism for his film review is particularly apt.

11. Under The Covers (0:30:19)

Also known as Cover Me Up, You've Got Me Covered, Cover Me Bad. Steve chooses the White Stripes' version of Dolly Parton's Jolene

12. Karl and the Lyrics (0:31:25)

Ricky asks Karl what he thinks about Jack White singing lyrics which are traditionally sung from a woman's point of view.

13. Cums With a Smile (0:33:52)

Ricky and Steve indulge in a bit more innuendo before signing off.


Steve: Did you see that film last night, Gaylords Say No?

Ricky: Well, from Bubba Sparxxx, to... Sparky Bubbs... Those... Sparky Bubb boys, Suede.
Steve: Heyyy, slick.

Ricky: You never see a lazy ant. It's always working... It's drunk, but it's always working.

Karl: I think I've got S.A.D.
Ricky: What's that mean? Sadé?
Karl: You know when it's dark ouside and you feel depressed? I think I've got that.
Stephen: But you're from Manchester aren't you?

Steve: Brilliant. Karl what're your thoughts?
Karl: S'alright.
Steve: Yeah. You're a poet, Karl.


  • Ricky says that "No-ones gonna complain about this" in reference to Karl's worries over the "cock" meaning male bird conversation. However on the 30th of March 2002 Steve mentions that someone did actually complain and reads an extract from a newspaper. (0:23:33)
  • Steve says that the trio don't play requests but that they like to mention them anyway but this is the first and possibly only time they do it. (0:42:18)
  • The swan is NOT the only bird with a penis, several species, mainly water-dwellers have retractable penises, including the duck on this page, who has a massive cock. By cock I mean penis, not a male bird. Penis.


Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
Adam F. and MOP - Stand Clear
Ash - Sometimes
Kosheen - Catch
Ian Brown - Dolphins Were Monkeys
Weezer - Island in the Sun
Liquido - Play Some Rock
Hip-Hop Hooray: Bubba Sparxxx - Dark Days, Bright Nights
Suede - Beautiful Ones
Strokes - Last Nite
Smashing Pumpkins - Untitled
Song For The Lovers: David Bowie - Letter To Hermione
Radiohead - True Love Waits
Blur - Coffee and TV
New Order - 60 Miles an Hour
Cover Me Up: The White Stripes - Jolene
Armand Van Helden - Koochy
Song For The Ladies: Sloan - Pretty Together

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